>> Friday, January 12, 2007

The obsession with scandinavian home decor and style continues...

Picked up a dozzen of magazines from all over the world (well, from the world's airports). As much as I try to develop some elegance and sophistication in taste, I still go and bust THIS out from Nico's closet and spead it on the couch for some comfortable movie viewing...

Now, what was such a happily printed comforter doing on the top shelf of his laundry room is a whole other story... I guess we really are a pair!!!

happy thursday! off to see my girls Wallst and Dulce... gossip central!!! Hm... IS it gossip if we're dishing on stuff about ourselves??

Anyway... tataaaaa!!

oh and ps: I went through half of my posts and put labels on them thanks to the new Blogger...yey!!! So now we can see all my "treasures" such as lessons on life labeled "Sempre Primavera Teachings" all in one nice section!!! So enjoy the Categories on the side bar. Uff, and I noticed I write a lot about that Nico from Nicoland... anyway, that's exciting, I've been waiting to categorize my posts, now I have 250 more to go....


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