>> Sunday, January 14, 2007

Men... really, we honestly do have completely different
brains. It's as if men live in this world of denial and women have it right all along but second guess themselves.

But all in all, men just don't realize that whatever the woman wants, the woman WILL get! If it involves a man, that man will have to comply.

Weather it happens sooner of later depends on how smart the woman is, but the fact that it will happen is not up for discussion!

Knowing these here above truths, I just don't understand why men STILL insist on expressing their own opinions (without specifically being asked to share). Really now, do they actually think that it will lead to any kind of change in plan?? (The woman's plan of course.)

If a man wants to be with a particular woman, he needs to understand that he just gave up any say in anything. Men in a relationship in which they think they're the boss, are with VERY smart women who skillfully arrange all their plans so that their men think they're the ones with the ideas. I shouldn't be disclosing such things, but don't worry ladies we're safe since men will never believe this anyway.

Anyway, having said that... I have to admit that my of "craftiness" needs honing. I'm not that good at all this stuff and thus... my "plans" are taking longer to blossom then personally I think necessary.

Nico is coming here end of Feb, and we'll be going to Beantown. Though, honestly speaking, my bags are packed already. (And I'm not talking about Beantown.)



ENOUGH angry subcontext!!!! :) This is not what we do here!!! (actually sure it is)
What we are going to do is concentrate on having so much fun that we'll be receiving call from the Vatican to keep it down!

When SemprePrimavera doesn't get her way (immediately) we constructively use our angry energy, and we turbo up our fun schedule! In the next 2 months you will see so much fun here that you'll need extra sessions at your therapist to deal with the sensory overload.


lesson kids: if the mountain doesn't walk towards you, you get your hummer out zoom-zoom it to ground level!!


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