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>> Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The mystery of the funky european table top grilling... anraveles.... right here in front of your eyes at SEMPRE PRIMAVERA!!!

(Yes, how DID you live without me before???)

Thank you Wall Str for sending me an emergency email to inform me that we infact DO have those table top grill thingis.... We just call them differently, thanks Un Swiss Miss for pointing it out. So here are the beauties!

The one above is from Wolfgang Puck, and this one is from Cuisine Art and comes with a nifty recipe/idea book.

I guess here we call these things a "Raclette" grill.

Personally, I think if someone started a restaurant with these things, it would become so popular that they'd make a ton of money and be able to retire on the islands within a year!

Just think of how popular fondue restaurants have gotten.

And as a BONUS: I bring you another wonderful discovery from Europe...

Lilly Allen, an adorable London girl who sings (and writes) very fun songs. Yes she is young, and her songs center around experiencing a first love break-up or discovering that the world really is yucky... but I love her voice, the lyrics are clever and you can CLEARLY hear the english accent as she sings! That's just brilliant!! As usually accents are lost when people sing.


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