1 Week down!

>> Saturday, August 18, 2007

The week went really well! I just have to really figure out my new schedule and when its best to do what activity. That however did not throw off my Thursday night lady's night!

Alexis and Face (Alexis calls her that so I can adopt it also for web purposes, though to italianize it, it should be La Faccia, but ok.)

Well miss Face cooked up an amaizing Southern breakfast for dinner! Hash brown with onions, southern omlette with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms!!! I was in charge of the Mimosas, though the girls quickly switched over to harder artillery such as the Screwdrivers... What a great, great evening!

Friday evening I came home and Vito and I immediately got on our bikes and went over to a dinner at Danilo and Gioelli's house for an Italian dinner where yummyness such as mozarella salad and lazagna were served. For desert.... trio of amaizing ice creams (poached pears, strawberry and rasberry) were doing tango with home made mango mousse! YUM-O! (Thanks for the fraise Rach!)

This now is Saturday "morning", well it's 2pm but for our purposes it's morning as we just had breakfast...

Now, after Vito cleans the house and washes the windows etc etc we're going to a Jazz festival! wheeeeee! Ahhhhh...

Ps: just kidding mama zuli, I'm helping Vito to clean... really...


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