Caffé a La Tinaja

>> Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Do you like drinking coffee? A nice delicious cup in the morning?? Or if it's hot and muggy a nice BIG cup of ICED coffee with a ton of sugar!??? I love it, the other day I used the blended to make a crushed ice cappuccino type thingi and thought that was a bit too much work...

Well these pictures show how they make coffee in a little village somewhere in the middle of Dominican Republic called La Tinaja. This town hardly shows up on a map even. This was taken by Jorge director or Nazarite Children's Missions on their last trip to DR. It's in a town just north of where the organization is helping to build homes and set up a school.

How they make coffee

Anyway how cool, why don't you guys do like Angelina and just sponsor a kid over there, or two!?

Nazarite Children's Missions really do their stuff and every single donated dollar is accounted for. They literally give you a breakdown of where your donation goes and you can see an actual result! I know organizations like Unicef do tremendous amounts as well, but what motivates me is seeing that even a little bit can make a big difference.

See their blog I recently put some updates on it :)


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