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>> Thursday, August 23, 2007

There are a number of places to eat around work. There is Indonesian food, Turkish places, a supermarket type deal, and of course a Dutch sandwich shop.

The first time I went there I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich. The lady looked really lost and confused... she repeated: "Ham and cheese!???" while looking quizzically at me.

"Yeeees" I said. She went to go make my sandwich every so often turning back to give me disapproving glances.

Today I went back to the shop and decided to get a sandwich that was already mentioned on the Menu board so as to not confuse the staff... I ordered the sandwich (chicken breast) and asked for mustard. The lady said: "And butter right??" "No, no butter" I said. "You don't want any butter!??" "No, just the mustard" She gave me a suspicious look and made my sandwich.

Maybe next time I will just go and tell her to make WHATEVER SHE thinks would be best for me.

HA! No! who am I kidding, next time I go there I'm going to order some bacon, bree, pineapple and TUNA!!!! DROWNED IN HEINZ KETCHUP!!!! YEAH!!! THAT WILL SHOW HER WHO IS BOSS!!!


I know, a bit rebel without a cause-ish, but just cuz I'm in Holland now, doesn't mean I should give up on the American dream of a house, a dog and a sandwich done how I WANT!


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