Fortresses, Castles, and Towers ... oh my!

>> Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Nico: Lets buy a Castle!?

Ale: Nah... too cold and damp... (your apartment would do JUST FINE!)

Nico: Hmm... ok, how about that nice tower with canal views?

Ale: Well... a bit narrow... we won't be able to BOTH be in the same room at once.. (your apartment on the other hand is just FINE to accommodate both of us!!!)

Nico: Ok... how about the Grand Palace then, its spacious, I'm sure there are fireplaces to keep it warm!?

Ale: YOUR APARTMENT would be GOOD enough for ME OK!!!!!!????!!!!!!

Nico:....???...... wow... no need to get violent and aggressive... your highness...

Ale:... oh ops... was that out loud? ....

Ale: You know... maybe that big Castle won't be so bad after all, is it serviced well by Public Transportation?

(Yes in fact! Trolley B37 goes by!!)

Don't you just LOVE the Royal Life!?! Ahhhh....!


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