>> Thursday, December 7, 2006

How awesome! Went to the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park and actually they're splendid! But WARNING! They're VERY VERY CUUUUUTE! Don't go there unless you're willing and able to spend money! Excellent place to buy fun gifts for your favorite people... (that would be: me, myself and I).

So here is what I got:

Hand made from mohair and wool so its warm yet soft! And I like the bad-ass buttons! Raarr! Its going to match my super vulgar long white coat so I can resemble a snowflake! Wheee! :)

I just love the way it sits on my head and feels good to know there aren't 50 million other people in the world that wear it!

I should have asked what Volang meant... but didn't, and now I can't find anywhere on the internet a translation. I do believe its a Swedish word though. Anyway here is the website: www.volang.com and you can shop online!

I also got some very beautiful gold plated ornaments from Russia. Hey why not! The tree wants to be vulgar too!

On the other very important note... I'm going back to Nico's in just about two weeks. I would like to think up some crazy tasks for him to do/plan to keep him busy until my arrival (and make sure he is thinking of me 24/7). Hmm.... what shall I ask him??? What is something that's time consuming yet only mildly annoying??


Why I'm doing this? Just to instill the notion that being away from me is even more work and trouble then when I'm actually there! Simple Watson!!!


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