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>> Friday, December 8, 2006

I started this blog because my never ending complaints about NYC were getting unbearable (for me and everyone else). I decided to start sempreprimavera to write only NICE things about NYC. Everytime I have something negative to say, I'd turn it into something positive in a post.

Many people told (tell) me that how I see New York just depends of my frame of mind. Obviously, I'd say, that's the only way to explain how people can LIKE nyc.

Sempreprimavera experiment definitely worked. And worked wonders, because I always say, being positive creates positive things around you! So its all good. But still I wonder, is it REALLY a frame of mind???

I mean, its a fact that there are WAY too many women in NYC. Its not that I'm in a negative frame of mind so all I see everywhere are annoying girls giddy with themselves and NO good looking guys, its just that in NYC there really is a 5:1 women to men ratio. Its not my negative imagination, its how it is.

The moment that I would step over the border, whether state or international, I'd immediately find PLENTY of guys to like. Especially if it was the border into Italy, where I found myself liking ALL the guys.

My 4 hour commute. Sorry, but there is just nothing to do to disguise the horror. Yes ok, the Staten Island ferry is pretty, but not THAT pretty. And I didn't like living in manhattan its just not my style. I like to be the crazy one, and here I feel like the only SANE one! (And that is scary trust me.)

Without further regurgitation of all the stuff I don't like about NYC. Let me just simply conclude: I think it sucks!

I say it with a sober mind and realize (with the help of sempreprimavera) that me not liking NYC has nothing to do with the "Frame of Mind" I just don't like it no matter how I frame it.

But in the words of Phillas Fogg (Around the world in 80 days) "There is a solution to any situation." And thank goodness for that truth!

Thus- the house in Florida is building... and building... and delayed... bastards! Otherwise honestly speaking I'd be over there 6 months ago. And not even Miami, a small town on the coast. Sunshine, beach, palmtrees and oranges! What else does one need!

And another thing! I hate when people say "Oh its just that grass is always greener on the other side" Well guess what!? GRASS IS GREENER in Florida!!!! OK!?!? And you don't have to frame it in any special frame, it IS GREENER!!

And with these encouraging thoughts I wish you a happy weekend!

Oh and today's lessons to remember:
1. certain things are NOT normal regardless the frame of mind
2. grass IS greener in someplaces
3. Mistakes are never time wasted, but time spent on proving yourself wrong - IS time wasted!!!


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