I need you... to do my laundry!

>> Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm going all domesticated and stuff... What would some people call it? Trying to "make a nest". What the heck am I? A freakin BIRD?!?? I'm not a BIRD! I may be a fox... but even that doesn't go... I'm not trying to dig a fox hole...

Whatever "it" is, the symptoms are:

  • looking at Home Decor Magazines
  • acquiring cook books
  • opening those cook books

Its really becoming this new obsession of the moment type thing! Maybe I'm just realizing that my mom won't do my laundry forever... (and incorrectly she does it too!!!) So the survival instinct is telling me that it may be time to start securing the next person that will do my laundry. (Perhaps upgrading to someone who'll do it correctly.)

What does this nonsense have to do with Home Decor Magazines and cook books?? Hmmm... donno... Maybe its like a "set"; the moment you start thinking about the future... (as in who shall do my laundry in the future!???) a whole number of other questions and ideas start poping into your head... Who will cook for me? Who will clean my house? Who will decorate my house? Who will....

Beh! Yes I know I sound very "dependent". No, it's not being dependent, its just being SUPER LAZY, can't function unless someone is kicking my ass LAZY!!! Hey, everyone is different, you just have to know your weaknesses and make specific adjustments. That's what I'm trying to do.

Hm... I wonder how are Nico's launderer skills...

Its funny when your friends happen to be totally on the opposite page. Here I am trying my best to sign someone up for my laundry gig and Wallstr could not care less about answering such important questions about the future.

Like the other week Wallstr and I went out to this great bar in the city that has many international beers on tap. The bar was completely crowded inspite it being just barely 6pm. We were barely standing by the bar, hanging on to it actually... and there were these tall, good looking guys next to us.

I was curiously watching as the cutest one with a sparkling white shirt with rolled up sleeves kept trying his best to get Wallstreet's attention. He was talking really loudly, turning around trying to catch her eye, finally just simply BUMPING into her!!! I don't know but to me he seemed like a perfect candidate for providing some laundry services not to mention the possibility that he may just have an ice cream maker at home. (!!!!) Wallstr on the other hand was getting rather annoyed at his idiotic display of affections... since apparently one of his pushes caused her to spill her beer down her chest...

Ale: How's your Leffe Blonde Wallstr? Don't you just LOVE IT!

Wallstr: Oh, yeah... its great, just great... (then looking over to the tall admirer) Though it would be MUCH BETTER IN HIS FACE!!!

She said that pretty loudly... hahahaha... poor Romeo MUST have heard it because he immediately started sulking... awwwww... there went his chance to do Wallstreet's laundry!!!

Lesson #1: If you want to convince someone to do your laundry you must at least bring the detergent.

Lesson number 2: If you like to eat ice cream every day chances are SOONER OR LATER you'll get dirty and will have to do the laundry...

are you with me still? heheheeee


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