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>> Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I absolutely LOVE the holidays! I love the parties, the family get togethers, the decorations, food... just everything!!! Since I'm spending the holidays with Nico, I was trying to get a feel for how he treats the holiday season. (Never mind the overindulgent pet names...)

Ale: Sooooo sugar, do you usually decorate your house!???

Nico: am.... well, not really, I do like the decorations at other people's houses, but I don't really do much...

Ale: No tree? lights... anything??

Nico: ...well I DO have a little mini tree to put on a desk that my mom gave me... I coul'd set it up if you want

Ale: Oh noooooo darlin, I don't want to disrupt any of your ways... its OK, we can just celebrate the way you normally do! Its OK, I'm not picky or anything... but... if its not too much trouble and you don't mind, yes the little mini desk tree you have might be a nice touch, why not, bring it out!

Nico: Oh will not be ANY trouble!! For you, anything! I think I remember where it is...

Ale: Ohhh Yey! and can we also perhaps have just some lights around the window?

Nico: yeah.. sure, why not what the heck

Ale: YELLOW AND PINK AND BLUE!!!! YEEEEYYY!!!! AND maybe a BIG tree to match the little one! WITH BIG SHINY BALLS and fake SNOW FLAKES and GLASS BEED GARLANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and GLITER!!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!! GLITTEEEERR!!!!!!!!!!

Nico: you know, I'm gonna pop by the home mega store and pick up a few things I guess, anything else in particular you'd like to see on the BIG tree?

Ale: oh, just whatever you think looks nice honey, you have such great taste.... I'll send you a qick list of some of my suggestions though... will probably arrive in a few parts due to size...

OK, OK, perhaps I'm exaggerating just a liiiiiitle bit... the conversation went more like this:

Ale: can we have a tree, and lights and glitter and snowflakes!?!????!!!!!
Nico: No
Ale: Pleeeeeeeeeease!!!
Nico: ...No
Nico: Ok

Speaking of cute holiday decorations, I'm so envious of my friend from Denmark... everyone knows that they're famous over there for christmas gorgeousness!!!

Check this out! Aura 4 Laura totally rocks.. look:

Well these vintage capuccino machines ornaments from Home Depot! are actually kinda cute:

note to guys: if a girl says I like ____! She basically says: Give me ____!
note to girls: if you want a guy to give you ____. You must tell him: Give me ____.

You're welcome! (once again)


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