To Wear or not to Wear

>> Sunday, December 10, 2006

Most of you are probably bored to tears by this subject and actually I am too in a way. Yes I'm talking about the 'outfit' scheduling for my Winter trip. This one is different since it'll be for 2 whole weeks and since it is the holiday season, many different parties will be involved. I'll just do a quick list of all various events and the look I'll be trying to project.

1. quiet dinner party - nice, neat and friendly
2. large, family dinner party - very put together but still approachable
3. fancy family party - super polished yet demure
4. nye party - sexy but not too much
6. casual birthday party (though you know its never casual) - casual sexy
7. private dinner party ;) - very, very sexy

1. Museum day out in the city - sophisticated sexy
2. Sporty day biking - sporty sexy
3. Sightseeing day - comfortable sexy

Well, there is definitely a "sexy" theme going on. Basically any occasion outside of family get togethers is a chance for sexiness. Also, with longer trips like this, it is also very important to have 2 "surprise" just in case outfits. One a very dressy one, and the second a very casual one. You just never know what may come up... I also suggest to bring a bathing suit with you whenever you travel. There may be a sauna or a pool that you may not be able to resist. I'll be visiting my friend Rosalie in Belgium for a few days and she was good enough to tell me that we'll be going to the pool! (She knows I looove a casual dip in the pool for a lap or two!)

btw: that's an ikea closet on the picture- looks nice... and neat! I think the reason closets get messy is there is not enough room for all the stuff. But then again... my purses over the years have gotten larger and large and I still manage to accumulate a big mess in them regardless the size...


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