>> Wednesday, July 25, 2007

There is just something about being on an Island! Now this is what an island in the North of Holland looks like...

BIG gorgeous beach...

Girl with smug face... and some hairy locals...

The WAY cute town of Nes. You know what the most happening bar is called? Nes Cafe. hehehe Another one of my favorite names was Happy Nes Restaurant. Awww...

Here is a typical looking farm with the strawy roof...
The light house!

Now we were really lucky to have perfect weather on Saturday for our gran tour de Ameland. We biked along the dunes which was absolutely gorgeous. There was a bit of wind in the beginning which caused me to say not such nice things under my breath to smarties passing by on MOTORized bicycles. I told Vito that maybe next time we can just rent a dark blue Jaguar... (Right Cadiz?) She knows, a few years ago the four of us went to the beautiful Sardegna and rented a super lux Jaguar with creamy leather interior... we had more pictures of that car then the beaches I believe, we were just obsessed with it!!

Anyway, it really was a marvelous ride, I really love biking as it turns out.
What gorgeousness! Here, below is a nice areal view (I got from the internet) of the island...

Ahhh... what to do to make yourself get over the post fun island weekend blues?..... PLAN the next trip!!!!


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