>> Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Great news!!!

I got a JOB!

Needless to say I'm beyond excited and totally overjoyed!! After many interviews I was actually lucky enough to have a few offers on the table and furtherly lucky that my first choice company was among them!! I'm extremely fortunate that it so happened that due to Amsterdam's strategic positioning in the world it has become sort of a hub for international firms to establish headquarters... and thus there is lots of demand for my line of work. (Not to mention tat Dutch language, or lack there of, is not an issue.) I start mid of next month... I'm very VERY excited!!!

kitchen adventures:

On the second note... today I attempted to make a tiramisu for the very first time... How did it go? Well, lets just say, you know how you try to attempt to put together a piece of IKEA furniture and at the very end you have built exactly what the picture shows but you have a whole bunch of spare nuts and bolts left over...

I mean I followed the recipe exactly! and still had literally a BUCKET of filling left over! HOW!???? Uggh! Well we'll see went wrong after it chills and we can do a taste test.

learning dutch:

Today during my private Dutch lesson Sarina said: Good job! Your pronunciation is not as horrible as in the beginning!

(Yeah! I'm overjoyed!! Maybe in 5 years it'll be even LESS horrible!)


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