>> Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It's 4th of JULY!!!!!! Almost forgot with all the weather excitement here...

Well the sun did come out yesterday! Then it rained, then it was sunny! then it rained, then sun! then RAIN. And literally it changed as quickly as you read it! I figured out why Dutch people never use umbrellas... It's because by the time you reach in your bag and open the umbrella the SUN is shining! That's highly annoying! I guess maybe that's why Rihanna's Under my Umbrella song is so popular here... I can understand it would be super nice to have someone just put an umbrella over your head the moment rain falls... and then take it away when sun comes back out... umbrella... not...umbrella... not...

I want a rain cape... and then I can get on my bike and pretend that it's a horse and ride around in the night with a zoro like mask!

Ahhh.... nothing like a great Indian style coffee (with ginger and cinnamon) to get your day started! Thanks Cadiz for the recipe!

OK, enough messing around, I'm heading out to Leiden for some sightseeing!!! :) Well, using an interview as an excuse to take an hour ride out there.

Everyone have fun with fabulous 4th of July parties on rooftops, with hamburgers, and firework shows...


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