Growing up is tough to do

>> Sunday, July 15, 2007

My cousin Aniya emailed some pictures of her gorgeous and always smiling little boys... I wrote her back:

Me: I promise promise PROMISE that this really is the last time I will ask you this... can you tell me when everyone's birthday is?? I PROMISE its the last time...!! I'm really a big girl now and I have a special calendar hanging in the bathroom* and I will write everything in there so I'll never have to ask you again.... PROMISE!!

Aniya: (in a different color writes in everyone's birthday next to the list of names I kindly provided her with) I CAN'T believe you!!! You and I have a birthday on the same day a month apart and you're still asking!???
Me: sorryyyy!!! me bad girl!!!!.... bad bad!! Oh, and also can you write down your address too... I PROMISE this is the VERY LAST time I ask you this... my friend Cadiz sent me this cool pink address book in which she wrote down all my friends' addresses and birthday because everytime someone's birthday is coming up I call her for their address... every year... but she of course doesn't know you so your address wasn't in the address book... but if you give it me now... for the LAST time I PROMISE, I'll write it down!! :)

(Thank you again Cadiz!!! You are participating in a very influential way in my growing up process.)

*Everyone in the Netherlands has a birthday calendar hanging in the bathroom. The birthday calendar just simply has 31 days for each month with a space next to them for names. (See diagram below.) :P


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