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>> Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well before it's Thursday and I still haven't talked about the weekend, I might as well talk about the weekend!

Friday Vito and I went out for some sushi. It's rare that I'm in Amsterdam when its dark, so its easy to forget how beautiful the canals are with all the lights reflecting in them... aahhh...

Saturday yummy bbq!

Sunday I went Kayaking with Alexis and friends to a town a bit North of Amsterdam. There are canals opening into lakes, houses or green fields with chewing cows. Lovely! We kayaked for almost 3 hours and after that were hungry like the chewing cows! Across the street was a tiny town with a big Pancake house...

I had a "Bermuda" pancake with bananas, fudge and ice cream. I'm not usually a sweet tooth person, but after trying my best to keep up with the girls I was famished! Oh yes that's a beer in the back ground. Just because one is having chocolate and ice cream does not mean one should not also have a beer! One is smart!


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