>> Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ok, ok, FINE! I do like Dutch lessons. The most important part of learning the language is that you actually learn more about the people. And I do notice that whatever I learn in class I start to recognize when I'm reading or watching tv. It's just a bit boring when you can't actually use the language, I mean how much of a meaningful conversation can you have with a shopgirl or a train conductor???

I did learn something fun to say: It doesn't matter! (which in Dutch kinda sounds like: I couldn't care less)

So now I can't wait to use it!

I also learned that if you want to say that something is getting treated with less priority - It gets treated like a "step mother''

Hmm interesting, in English there is something similar but we'll say, it gets the treatment of a ''step CHILD"

Yes I know, so very fascinating...

I got another call for a job from a headhunter and he babbled off the languages necessary for the job and Dutch was one of them. I told him that I'm just barely intermediate, he said he'll call me back. He did in the next five minutes and said that speaking Dutch was not necessary! (It was also a very financial position and he said that knowledge of finance ''not necessary!" either) yeah needless to say that company didn't invite me for an interview.


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