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>> Thursday, July 26, 2007

The lovely couple is sitting on a bench drinking some water from water bottles and resting from battling the winds in the dunes. Well, the young lady is resting, and big guy is just waiting... Oh lets call the young lady A and the big guy, big V. In front of them is drop with prickly dune grasses and beyond it a big expansive beach of Ameland...

A: waaaaw, super beautiful!

V: yep

... pauze.. enjoy comfortable silence together... her head on his shoulder... awww...

A: waaaw, gorgeous! (makes hand gesture)

V: careful, don't drop your bike lock key into the dunes, I'd hate to see you get scratched up trying to get it

A: HA! no, I'd hate to see YOU get scratched up while getting my key!!! ... wow... oops...

V: what was that!?

A: oh don't worry it was just the cap to my water bottle...

V: hmm now you have to finish it

A: yeah I will... (starts looking around for her water bottle)

V: what are you looking for?

A: um... where did I put my water bottle..??

V: are you kidding?

A: no are you kidding? did you hide it!???

V: sweetie... it's in your hand

A: ...what...OH! ah, right...


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