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>> Friday, July 20, 2007

Now, why can't I have passion fruit ice cream for breakfast???

There is milk... there is fruit... I don't know, but sounds very healthy to me...

I wanted an nice vintage ice cream ad to adorn my post with and came across this one...

Notice the Mom and the daughter are talking on the phone with Dad (lower left corner) and are probably enticing him to come home from work earlier to have some ice cream. (Or maybe they're just trying to make him jealous.) This is the ad from 1960's. Now I don't understand the whole Feminist movement, what was wrong with just being home, relaxing and enjoying life???? Thanks, now we have the right to go to work everyday for 8 hours a day... now WHY is this a good thing? Seems like we had a pretty good arrangement already. Now women can vote? That's sweet an'll but like there is anyone worthwhile to vote for anyway.
Yeah yeah, I know, we have to work to pay (taxes) to the government to organize our "protection" and the only way that will happen if there are women in the government saying what kind of "protection" is needed. Without working you don't have money, and without money you can't support (buy) government officials.
Here is an example of a women only village in Kenya that are supporting themselves with a tourist center and by selling crafts. In return for their work they are able to live independently and not have to marry 70 yr old dudes.


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