The Dutch "suburbia" and other surprises...

>> Monday, May 7, 2007

And just like that the weather changed. It's now grey and rainy. (My little weather pixie girl is trying to brighten up the situation with her pink umbrella.)
But in the meanwhile, why not post some pics around my neighborhood. We've been viewing lots of gorgeous canals of Amsterdam, but how about some views of the "suburban life".
Here is a random apartment building...

This is just a five minute walk beyond my neighborhood. Some fields, and there are trails for running and biking.

This is also one of the neighborhood castles. About the other one I wrote here.

And here is another very typical street.

I'm a bit backlogged with many pictures and many happenings. Like just within last week there was: PIU PIU in town for an evening! Sushi night with the girls, Liberation day party in Haarlem, and beer tasting at a windmill brewery...

But this you have GOT to see!! The other day came a little puffy envelope in the mail. "Oh it's for you." Vito said. Mmmm presents for no reason!!! How romanticoooo!!! Hmmm what could it be...? It was SOME LIKE IT HOT!!!!! My absolute favorite movie in the WORLD, no, UNIVERSE!!

I remember watching it for the very first time with my parents when I was about 8 and we were on vacation to the Black Sea. When WallStr and I were in San Diego, we specifically made the trip to the Coronado Island to see the famous hotel del Coronado that was featured in the movie (though in the movie it's supposed to be Florida.)

What's your favorite movie? And I mean MOST favorite EVER!??


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