>> Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 3... grey... Yesterday it rained the entire day and around 8pm there was a brief moment when the cloud cover broke up and you can see a tiny glimpse of light.

Today it's back to grey, but it's not raining. It's quite fitting because I'm going to work today. Officially first day. AND, you better believe it, I'm going right back to my old tricks! On the way there I spotted a "real bagel shop" all New Yorkers please sit down and calm down, of course I will not defile my pallet with non-New York bagels, that would be an adulteration way to grand. I will however take one of their COFFEES TO GO!!!!! Yes, believe it or not people, there are NO STARBUCKS in the ENTIRE kingdom of Netherlands. A few month's ago one opened up at Schiphol airport but it is in the International lounge therefore doesn't really count. I don't particularly care for Starbucks exactly (due to extortion of $5 cups), but I do care for walking around with my coffee in hand so I can continually administer caffeine into my body.
So yes, walking around with your coffee is just not done around here. I think that's nuts, if there is no sunshine, coffee is the next best thing! Oh and just in case you're wondering what's the third best thing... well OBVIOUSLY new shoes!! DUH!

Well, to be exact these are more slippers. Shoes without heels are NOT shoes. But they're golden! So they're excused...


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