Oh no you di'n't!!

>> Wednesday, May 9, 2007

As I got out of the train in Amsterdam (yesterday) it was slightly drizzling. As I started walking towards my new work (unpaid, but work!) it started really raining (booooo!!! rain!!! boo!!!!!).


I walked by Village Bagels and got myself a Latte. A LARGE Latte. Please look at the picture... makes you wonder what a SMALL one would be like right? LOOK! If I can hold it in ONE hand, it's NOT LARGE!!! OK!??? Large is when TWO hands need to be involved. To their defense I must say it did taste good. The nice boy behind the counter did ask me a dumb question: "To stay or to go?" It's a Tuesday morning, it's raining, I'm OBVIOUSLY not on a pleasure walk, I'm clearly going to work... (work!) so yes to GO!

Half way through the cup I SIGNIFICANTLY became nicer... even the downpour did not matter anymore. Oh and btw, if you are in Amsterdam and you don't want to look like a tourist do NOT use an umbrella as you walk around under the rain. The only people I saw with umbrellas were Spanish tourists. Dutch people do not use umbrellas because they are waterproof.

On a very happy note, behold the view from my office... (office!!). I can't believe the prime location, on a canal... OHHH! And the windows actually OPEN!


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