>> Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today is my little brother's BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthdaaaaaaay!!!!!!

Yes in fact that's a picture of a golf cake. Imagine that. What's more, imagine a curly blond haired, blue eyed boy somewhere in a Staten Island country club runnin' around making birdies. At the age of 7 my little bro is already categorizing his girlfriends by ALPHABET! And he is just turning 8... ohhhhh my parents are going to need some strength! (And as my mom said, they'll need to build a LARGE fence around the house so no one can get out... OR get IN!)

But for now, we are can all sleep well since the latest obsession is just golf :)

I asked him if he would visit me in Holland, his first question was:

Are there golf courses??

Well actually there are plenty, moreover, there is one right in TOWN, practically next door! Yey! He will come visit!! :) But who knows maybe the tastes will change again? Well if they do, there are plenty of cute girls here as well!


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