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>> Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On Tuesday morning I went to the hotel to pick up my grandparents and go with them to the Airport. I walked into this conversation:

Grandma: I told you, this is the LAST time I'm going on a touring trip like this! (They went to a few places in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands all in about 12 days)

Grandpa: Fine, next time you'll just stay home!

Grandma: I want to go on calm vacations, where you RELAX, like the Caribbean, or maybe south of France... like Nice? Where you can sit down and have some nice cappuccinos...

Oh this reminds me of another funny moment. After a great dinner out together with Vito's parents we went to their house for some coffee and sweets. I was worried that it would be hard for them to communicate together, but somehow everyone talked and laughed and understood each other! Well at one point my Grandma said:

"You, you come to us in NY. Come to us in NY!" My grandma is a very soft spoken woman, but somehow still manages to make everything she says sound like a command...

Grandpa said: "Yes, come visit, but don't wait to long!"

Everyone kinda got quiet for a moment... I thought that sounded a bit morbid...

But grandpa quickly added: "Don't wait to long! Come visit while YOU'RE still young!"

Haaha, and how fitting! He was trying to say that if anyone will be aging, it sure won't be them! My grandparents are simply refusing to get "old"!

Speaking of "old", that's how I felt when Grandma called to tell me that they have made touch down in NY and I was already seeing my second dream of the night... (and it was only 11.23pm).

Here we have it kids: "old'' is just in your head! (Just like rain actually) ha!

PS: hmm... its 11.23 now! and I can totally feel that it's way past my bed time...


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