Intermission on the couch

>> Sunday, May 20, 2007

So tired! But WOW! What a fabulous two days among the cows, pretty canals and the most story book style houses you've EVER SEEN!!! (Even on story book pages!) But... yes, now tired... we cycled 50km yesterday!

Also a shout out to mama Zuli :) it was her birthday yesterday, she turned 23!!!! Happy birthday mommy!!!!!! ;)

(hmm... this makes y mom younger then me... but whatever no one is counting!!!)

All kinds of stories tomorrow....

PS: I totally got away with wearing Vito's jeans... I literally put them back into the closed IN FRONT of him but he didn't realize what I was doing I guess (or why). Later though, I did tell him I wore them. "Hmm... Really?? How, when? I just took them out of the closet??" "Well, I super sneakily walked by you and put them back in there... while you were... watching..."

Tune in next week for another exciting episode when Alexandra wears Vito's shirt in a super clever attempt to execute the Layered Look...

haaaaaaahaaaa...ok too tired, must go relax....


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