>> Saturday, May 26, 2007

I have a bit of a surprise for you!

I've been secretly cheating on you...

NEEEEH! Just a little experiment. I was chosen as a blogger for I figured I'll be doing a lot of touristy things here in Amsterdam for... a WHILE, so why not have it all categorized nice and neatly somewhere.

It's a pretty fun site, all user generated with reviews of things to do, eat, see in various cities by actual people that live there. This is definitely the direction the entire marketing world is moving towards.

I'm weary about putting ads on my personal blog, just because most people that read my blog are either my friends or other bloggers. (or other blogger friends! ;) Anyway, I don't usually get too many random stumblers on my blog looking for Amsterdam Hotels, or restaurant reviews.

This is where Hotelsbycity comes in. I've made a few posts on there and already I see that the hits I get are from various people searching for the particular thing that I wrote about! Thus it makes perfect sense to have some google ads on that page because they're targeted for content. (It's almost freaky how they KNOW what you're talking about).

Anyway, whenever I go to a cool restaurant or visit some fun event all the official info and links will be on the hotelsbycity space and I'll give you a heads up.

How much money will I make??? Hmmmm... don't know, but I've made $2.09 for only 4 clicks! So that's about 50c per click, pretty good I say, it's just a matter of guessing what the people want to know about Amsterdam.

But have fun here is my profile page ;) - oh yeah, while you're there, can you just press on google links, maybe I'll make another $2 bucks horray!

OH, fun news... tonight another international visitor arrives!!! My friend from Belgium, Aurelia!! We are going to paint the town all kinds of colors! Vito dear is going to be safely OUT of town on some kind of music thingi so it'll be me and Aurelia doing city tripping.

You see, I'm soooooo scared to be allllllllll by myself in our 5th floor mansion that I had to import a friend to stay with me.... whahahahaaaa!!! I love being a girl!!! I just use it as an excuse for ANYTHING!!!!!

Hm... Vito, you sitll want to go to your music thingi? You know all the action is going to be happening around us anyway! wheeeeeee!

(That's the pic I took in December when I visited Belgium, Leffe blond! Yeah!!!)


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