>> Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weekend review...

I noticed that one of the interesting things about living in a new country is that you tend to want to do EVERYTHING! You're just in a very energetic mood that makes you act. I noticed that living "at home" makes you take it for granted and its so easy to get lazy to go out there and enjoy it. Maybe for that reason I made a mad dash to MOMA and the MET in nyc only after I realized I'd be leaving soon. Lesson learned: live your life as a tourist all the time!

This Saturday we went to the dunes behind the castle. Well not directly behind it, the dunes are huge and stretch along the coast for a few towns, but lets just say these were the dunes behind our town. Gorgeous! Well if you like nature, woods, fields and flowers and all that. I do! (Don't get me wrong, I love it to a point, especially the point that I'm only 30mins away from Amsterdam.) Anyway, the sun was shining, birds were singing flowers blooming and the SHEEP were Beehe-eehe-ing!.... Ahhhh... idylic...

Vito: um... honey, I believe these are goats actually...

Oh Goats, SHEEP, whatever, they're both cute and fuzzy and go- Beeehe! MEN, do they always have to be such know it alls!?
Look at this one, he was posing for me. SO cute!!

After roughing it in the wild... we decided to go completely cosmopolitan and went out for a dinner in Amsterdam. A Peruvian restaurant called Casa Peru on a pretty canal street. These pictures are from their website just to show the restaurant. In reality it was completely FULL! My cevice starter was delicious! The main course was yummy too, though we both agreed that the presentation could have been a bit more elaborate. The deserts of warm chocolate cake and caramel flan were really great! All in all the place is really gezellig ;) wait staff are super nice and the Argentinian red wine from Malbec that we had was mmm mmm good. Oh... and the walk back among the canals and lights reflecting in the water was double mm mm good...

Sunday apparently called for more rough action and I went indoor wall climbing with my new friends. It was a group of about 7 people leading the band were the guy from Colorado and one from Switzerland obviously two places where there are plenty of chances to climb some mountains. Anyway, it was really great fun and what a surprising feeling it is when you realize that you're climbing an inclined wall and you're resisting gravity.

I wonder what next weekend has in store... Well I kinda know. We are going to be roughing it some more in the forest! Unless it rains then we'll just have to rough at the indoor pool... Its a four day weekend, but what's more, MY GRANDPARENTS are going to be in TOWN! For now they are running around somwhere in Germany and Austria, ah those crazy kids!


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