Rachel Ray rocks my world!

>> Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yes, that Rachel is really something! She really is not jocking when she says her meals are 30 minutes. I used her recipe to make a soup and it really did take less then 30 mins! I google all recipes. However I did cheat even on a 30 min meal. The recipe calls for home made pesto... well I skipped that part and got store bought (but only because we didn't get a food processor yet). For the sandwich I only used mozzarella and prosciutto and a doublette of pesto. Hmm... oops I skipped a few steps didn't I? Anyway I like it and it was a very fast recipe. Why there is no Foodnetwork on tv here! I miss Rachel's hysterical laughter! Oh did you happen to catch her "$40 a day" episode when she visits Amsterdam...? Well she did NOT stop laughing the ENTIRE TIME... hmm....
Ok, on a serious note, today after work is my first dutch class at the school. Very curious to see how it is.
Weather report: Brilliant SUNSHINE!!!
(As for the recipe, find it on foodnetwork.com under Rachel Ray, it's the Vegetable and Bean Soup with Pesto.)


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