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>> Thursday, May 31, 2007

So, ya'll may congratulate me because last Friday I received THE letter. The "authorities" have approved me so now I am official and legal and can work (for actual money, not just cookies and coffee like I do now).

This was actually record timing because I've never heard of anyone getting approved in 23 days. It usually takes a few months. The shortest time I've ever heard of was 6 weeks but the guy apparently paid the mafia (some law firm) to "speed up the process". So fittingly I was pretty surprised. My theory is that once they saw my picture they just wanted to approve me right away since I'm so cute and adorable!!! :) (A picture had to be included in the application.)

A couple of my friends from nyc had a few additional theories on the matter... Irena said that they have probably checked my work history and decided that it would be more profitable to let me start working so I can start paying taxes... Aurelia said that they've probably been monitoring my shopping activities and decided that I am a very favorable agent to the Dutch economy... (not just shopping, but I also bring guests into the country!)

Hey! Maybe they read my blog and want the rumors that it's sunny all the time spread around the world!!

Well whatever the reason, I'm so happy I've been approved and can now work!!!!

But, as with any good news, there are always bad news: i can now.... work... work? Boooo!

Check it out, I already have a main objective to put on my resume: I'd like to work in a place that is less then 2 hours away commuting.

Vito said not to worry since 2 hours away would be Germany or Belgium. All I have to do is get a job IN the country and my objective is met! Oh boy, so the fun begins...

I leave you with a picture from the window of my Dutch class :)


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