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>> Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm overly enjoying reading the various job advertisements. The american HR would have a FIELD DAY with certain statements.

For example:

salary- determined by age and experience

Yes people they mean YOUR age. In america it's called AGE discrimination. I'll reword it for them: salary - comprehensive benefits package and growth potential

qualities- pleasant appearance due to high client contact

In america this translates into a sexual harassment suit.
Correct wording: qualities - confident and aggressive

Some of these are just incorrect wording as translated into english...

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite:

requirements- involvement with international colleagues

Hahaha!!! I'm REALLY good at that!!!! You see Mr/Ms Employer, I got involved with my international colleague at my old job and that's why I'm now in Holland...!!!! Though, I'm not sure if I can promise such high level of involvement with any subsequent international colleagues. Correct wording: requirements- International teamwork

Even at American and Canadian companies the HR staff is usually Dutch since they have to interface with all kinds of local authorities so the miss wording can found on ads from any company.

If I ever get any interviews... I hope I carry them out correctly. In America you're taught not to leave the room until you have either a second interview set up or a start date. Maybe here that is considered rude and pushy? My last job in NY was for a european company and the interviewing manager's jaw dropped when I suggested that he calls the CEO on his cellphone to finalize the decision to hire me. After he got over the shock, he hired me without calling the CEO.

We'll see, if all else fails I got the "confident and aggressive" to fall back on... ;)


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