i'm an American Burger!??

>> Tuesday, June 5, 2007

You know it's ok to use some friendly humour about someones culture. But it has to be done very carefully...

I don't know about you, but I don't appreciate being called an American BURGER! Especially not on an OFFICIAL document!!!

This morning we picked up at the city office my shiny laminated residence card (THE card). Anyway, under where it said that Vito will have to pay any and all monetary damages I may do to the country, next to ''nationality" it said: Amerikaans Burger

I'm not a Burger! And if I must be a burger, I wouldn't just be ANY burger, I'd be a Mega Buffalo burger charred with sharp white cheddar!

Just cus "allegedly" the Brittish eat fish and chips, should we call them fish'nchipers!?

Should we call Panamanians BANANA heads?

The Chinese - rice cakes??

The French - cheese balls?

Are all the Japanese Fishy?

Should we call all Mexican ladies Margarita? And all Mexican guys Taco??

Ok, I gotta stop... I'm getting carried away...!!!!

So check this out, next weekend I'm going to a wedding of my Italian friends, Mr. Pizzarello and Miss. Capuccini...

Waaahahaha... OK, I'm stopping...

ps: picture above is of mine and Vito's very own fishn'chips evening! There is a very nice little fish shop right downstairs. A really sweet chatty lady works there. One time I was getting some herrings and she was just talking away to me, after I told her that I'm not really understanding cus I don't speak Dutch, she continued talking to me but added big hand jestures. I think she was telling me about someone in the hospital... or was it about a dancing baby elephant...? One of the two for sure though.

Burger out-


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