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>> Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Last week when I was booking through double shifts of interviews my darling left me a little surprise in the refrigerator. It all started with a mystical text message... (It was mystical because it was in Dutch!) Thank goodness the very first thing I learned were all the words related to food. Yes that was hard when you're on a ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island after a day at work, already hungry and you still have two more hours of commute time... But anyway, here is the first taste (view for you) of the "New" Herring of the season!

"New" herring is simply first catch of the season, something about it being not fat enough yet (only 16% body fat) I guess herrings in general are fatties... Anyway, the very FIRST barrel of herring gets auctioned off for crazy amounts of Euros, this year I believe it was 70,000€! Hmm.. that makes me wonder, how do they know it's really THE first!?? Maybe MY herring was really THE first!???? So yeah, the herring is eaten raw with a healthy coating of onions YUMMY! I say if you like sushi you will like raw herring too! And same goes in reverse! So Forgetful, this means you, since you like herring, you will probably like sushi too.

And just for fun. The REAL Dutch way to eat herring is of course with your head back holding the fish by the tail. Do close your eyes because the onions that are stuck to the fish will surely be falling off and hitting you in the face so you definitely want your eyes closed when that happens. Now the cute Dutch girls will demonstrate:

Oh! I have a special treat for you... No not food.. but I have snapped a picture of the Corporate Holland... You know Corporate America? Well... this is Corporate Holland... are you ready??? Here it is...

Hmmm.... looks like it could be central New Jersey! Where are the gargoyles perched on the castle walls!??? Nah, same square buildings, a bit of flowers and fake pools to relieve work related stress, same stuff as in the USA. I just thought of something! EVEN in NYC where there isn't enough room there are plenty of fake pools especially in front of financial buildings... I guess there is really calming power in water.
Wow... too much deep discussion, must go away and twist blond hair for a bit...
Tomorrow! We will delve into the fascinating world of Amsterdam's subcultures. India is first on the list, inspired of course by a visit to a very coll country club in the Amsterdam "forest" to see a friendly game of cricket!!! For a spoiler go to Alexis's site, I'll bring pictures manana.


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