>> Thursday, June 7, 2007

Very very nice headhunter girl: Waaaw! You speak Italian really well! Like a real Italian! And you even use your hands... like me!!!!

Me (thinking): I'm using my hands to help you understand what I'm saying, since I'm speaking gibberish-italian...!

Well, to be perfectly honest, I do speak Italian pretty well but it's been quite some time since I had regular practice so of course it's much harder to pick right up and start yacking. In fact, few days ago I spoke to my German friend who lives in Italy and she used at least five different insults to underline the sorry state of my Italian... of course I retaliated with double the amount of insults and was pleased to know that at least remembering them didn't take long!

Yes, so this morning I went to my very first interview with a headhunter, it on one of the top floors of a high-rise. Yes! an actual high rise building! (It was outside of Amsterdam city center.) I still can't believe that here I am... and looking for an actual job... INTERVIEWING!

Anyway, lets get back to the important things.

Yesterday as I had 2 hours to kill after my volunteering and start of class, I stopped by Zara to look for a professional black skirt (to wear to today's interview). I got the skirt, then I saw some sweaters... light ones that you can wear even in the summer! I tried on the sweater and it looked FAB so of course I marched back and grabbed one in every color! (WHAT!? you never do that!? Plus I live in NORTHERN Europe now... North=Cold, need sweaters to stay warm!!) Anyway, after that, I was completely satisfied with my finds, buuuuut... I decided to do a quick little run through the second floor... you know, sort of like a champion's lap since I already found great things and didn't need anything else.

Then I saw them! Actually THEY saw me! I could CLEARLY hear them calling my name! Laugh if you want, but they not only knew my first name, they knew my LAST NAME too!!!! Yep, they came home with me.

Oh by the way, check out the fun pillow cases I picked up at the market when Aurelia was here... They have little mirrors in them!

You know how some people have a rule to drink (alcoholic beverages) only when they are happy? Well my rule is to SHOP only when I'm happy. Well I gotta say... according to my shopping pattern I'm deliriously happy... in fact, if I CHART my shopping progress, I think I'm getting happier and happier by the day! Boy... "being happy" is costing me lots of money! ;)


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