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>> Monday, June 4, 2007

It's sunny and beautiful today... blablaaaaaaaaa

I'm going for a run to the castle... blaaaaaAAAAAAA

About a week or so ago I was talking to my dad, and he confessed that he thinks my blog is BORING!!!!!! WHAAAA!!???? I said, don't you like the positive outlook and all the good stuff that's going on? So to elaborate he said something along the lines: "Well, your blog is just TOO sugary sweet, it makes me want to puke"

Yah THANKS dad!!

I've been thinking and thinking about how to address the issue but here I am on a Monday morning (afternoon) after yet another fun weekend... and I just don't know how to write about it while showing some kind of "journey and growth" or whatever other requisite for a fun read ... My dad said that all good books have an element of surprise in them that makes the readers interested to read on.

Come on, I'm looking for a job... in a new country! Isn't it enough of a suspense???

Apparently not for him, he is bored! :)

Anyway, I've just don't know how to word stuff in a way that it'll make it suspenseful... I'm gonna go for a run now and think of something...

(since Tomaso hasn't posted the pictures yet from yesterday's party at the beach)

You SEE! Boring boring boring! yet ANOTHER fun beach party... boooooo

Maybe you guys have some ideas how to write so this blog is more- fun and full of suspense!?


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