Learning Dutch Volume II

>> Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A: I'm never going to speak Dutch...

V: Oh, don't worry, you'll get it sooner or later!

A: No, I mean, I'm never going to speak Dutch. Even if I learn it there is just no opportunity to use it. TV is in English, Radio is in English, everyone speaks English, work will most likely be in English... I'll never get to speak it!!!

V: People will speak Dutch to you.

A: No they won't... (pouty face) You have to have patience of a teacher... and I don't have enough money to pay everyone...

V: I'll speak Dutch to you!

A: Ok! Ready... go! Start now!

V: (YAWN)...Ok, I'll start tomorrow

Ok FINE, here is what really happened:

A: boohoo- I'll never speak Dutch! Because there is no need for it.... waaaahhhhwahh

V: I'll speak Dutch to you!! Katalakakaktkktka blaalalalbbkeee thhekekekhtkehketrjkejr wrooom wroom kiiikaakakekekek!?!???

A: heh??

V: Ok, we start tomorrow...


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