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>> Monday, June 25, 2007

Another fabulous weekend clocked! Hmm... this is becoming a pattern... YES! Ok, so since sightseeing was gotten out of the way this past winter when I was in Belgium for the very first time, this weekend was about quality time and relaxation (right, because I'm oh so very stressed...hahah).
, so I arrived Friday morning. There was a bit of an adventure when for the very first time (in history probably) the Dutch train system hiccuped and delayed me! It threw me back an hour. I'm convinced it happened because when Aurelia suggested I should leave an hour earlier just in case the train is late, I laughed in her face (well, via the phone). Ugggh.. But it was ok. The regular train has a special weekend price of, R U READY? GRAND TOTAL of €40 for a return trip! How cool is that!? For trips during Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Love it.
I arrived a bit hungry. (STARVING) Not that I couldn't buy anything on the train because a nice but slightly unamused young men kept making rounds every half hour with a little cart selling all kinds of goodies. I however decided to be on a "health conscious kick" and felt guilty purchasing pre-made sandwiches that of course contained mayo and were not made with whole wheat bread...

I was rewarded however by Aurelia who immediately proceeded to stuff my face with SUPER healthy whole wheat sandwich with hummus and fresh cucumbers! AND she made me a wonderful juice cocktail with carrot and tomato juice not forgetting to add some pepper and Tabasco!!! (Oh and a sprig of greens) YUMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!
She then jetted off to work and I was left to my own devise with a hand drawn map of the fastest way to the shops. Hehe. I didn't have to use it because I decided to choke the pillow for a bit in preparation for a late night that would surely ensue for her birthday.
Plus Aurelia's place is just SO so sweet and peaceful that it is very conducive to lazying around. (Though I'm pretty talented in that area and can accommodate myself to that activity in a variety of environments.)

Ok, my view from the bed as I took a nap (before I closed my eyes of course).
And good thing I did because the birthday celebrations that evening lasted very well into the morning hours. I really do not remember the last time I came back with morning light.
Saturday was spent leisurely checking out the shops and boutiques. I'd like to report that shoes are more to my liking in Belgium, and I figured out why. Belgium seems to import a lot more Italian shoes and you can find more variety in styles. (Not to mention variety in prices rather then just SUPER HIGH as it is in Holland.)
Speaking of Italian stuff, we had the absolute greatest ice cream at this little corner shop.... that's all I have to say, I think you can all come up on your own with praise words for a blissful ice cream experience.
For dinner on Saturday we went to this little but super cute Thai place where the owner herself (Sally) was making rounds in the room. The food was delicious, the presentation was authentic and came in beautiful green jade plates with elephant families walking across their borders. Our curries came in matching sets of heated pots! How fun! Anyway the dinner for two came out to €33 WOW. (I guess that's how it is when you don't order bottles of wine ;) And we had a starter too of cellophane noddles with giant pawns. After dinner we were supposed to go to a free outdoor concert but we are too above going to crowded public activities and decided to go snooping around the richest neighborhood in Brussels.

This is simply us driving by and ogling at the HUGE mansions sometimes offering useful advice in the area of cosmetic home improvements... The richy-rich neighborhood is up on a hill surrounded by green lushness (of course) and the houses are huge. Just like in the old fashioned movies like Pride and Prejudice and such. Some looked like real castles, some like chateaus with gates and all the works. There were also mixed in a bunch of super lux condo complexes that were also gated and you can just imagine they put California's Melrose Place like places to shame with the drama and intrigue... We also came across some smaller houses in the area at the sight of which we both took out our cellphones to call our real estate brokers to order them to place a bid... then we woke up. Ahhhh... but girls can dream can't they!? It's very good for the skin I hear... ;)

Anyway, I personally believe that it's not about how BIG your house is, but how well you capture the ESSENSE of living comfortably and enjoyably.... again going back to Aurelia's place, I say her one bedroom apartment channels the best and biggest mansion in St. Tropes...! Oh, you are not convinced.. Look at this picture and tell me what it makes you feel!

Anyway they did a study on home space usage and concluded that no matter how big your home is, most people use only one or two rooms to the max.

Oh this is getting really loooooong! So I will summarize. Sunday we had a gorgeous breakfast at the neighborhood patisserie...

And then stopped by her mom's house to pick up Vodka (the dog) and take her for a walk in the park...


Then I got on a train, came home to Holland (I like the sound of that) where Vito dear was definitely a sight for sore eyes... and then we watched Bourne Supremacy during which I did not shut up even for a second... PERFECT WEEKEND!


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