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>> Sunday, June 10, 2007

The entire day last Friday it was incredibly muggy and humid-hot. Very similar to NYC actually. The whole day it felt like it was about to pour and only by around 7.30pm the entire sky let loose. What a show! Lightning coming from different direction, pouring rain surges, clouds of varying greyness... it was wild. And yes the first thunder storm, so I guess summer is here.

In about an hour it started to quiet down and the guests started to slowly trickle in most wearing their rain suits for biking.

It was a super cozy party with the boys drinking the Heinekens and the girls the sangria. I actually really wanted to feed people but the little salads and turkish breads did not get too much attention. Well it was an after dinner party, and as Vito predicted people were not hungry. See this is another cultural difference, Dutch only eat when they're hungry... who ever heard of that!?!?? In my culture, we eat whenever we SEE food.
As for the presents! Vito LOOooOVvEs smoothies so he got a fabulous blender. (With super duper turbo powers! Try saying that fast a few times) and a basket full of all kinds of fabulousness to make smoothies with, exotic fruit mixes, banana liquor and other yumminess. His friends are so sweet, I got a present also to congratulate me on my official Dutch status!! :) A Dutch food cook book which is both in English AND in Dutch so I can practice the language while cooking, very practical. Vito however is convinced that the present is really for him, so I can cook him Dutch food. Whatever, what's wrong with MEXICAN fajitas!??? ;)

Anyway, so this whole weekend we were indulging in the wondrous blender. Saturday morning we made sweet and creamy ICED coffee. The blender literally pulverized ice cubes like nothing! Then on Sunday a super smoothie with strawberries, banana and a dollop of peanut butter. (Just like at the Equinox gym in good ol' NYC.)

Partying continued on Saturday night as well. Alexis had a nice get together at her place (really nice loft with a balcony in the residential area of Amsterdam). There was a nice mix of internationals. I got numbers! Don't worry, I only got this girls e-mail because her company is hiring. Vito had his own party to go to, some kind of testosterone fest where guys got together to throw sharp objects (darts) and drink stuff. See, men are not difficult, they're happy just having something to throw and something to drink. :)

Just to let you know, Sunday was no parties, just a nice long bike ride through some of the neighbouring farms. Behind the big castle there are fields and really pretty farms where you can ride around for a good hour without really seeing any signs of a majior town. Made me kinda want to live on a farm... and have horses that would chew grass in front of the windows all day! And pigs that poo... wait, what? No... no pigs that poo, though horses poo too and a lot... hmm... maybe a farm with lots of servants and stable boys and other staff... Yes! That deffinitely sounds like a better plan!


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