>> Friday, June 8, 2007

Hmm... another interesting difference between working in NYC and working in Holland.

....Here when people are sick they stay HOME!

I found that out when the company called to reschedule because my interviewer was sick. Silly me, I thought they were calling to tell me I'd have to wear a protective mask not to catch the germs, but he actually opted to stay HOME and reschedule. Seriously, life is so luxurious here. I mean in NYC you just soak a cloth in some alcohol and cover your mouth out of courtesy for your coworkers. But you don't stay HOME!

Another tidbit. At my current job I was unanimously elected by all in the office to attend a business schmoozing session solely based on the way our company t-shirt would sit on my big... on me.

I'm so proud of my big... of me.

And now just some random pictures because I know my mom and dad are super bored with this post :)))))

Here is my lovely and talented private Dutch teacher.

We went on a learning "Field day" trip to Haarlem to visit very important cultural sites such as: (Insert names of Dutch clothing, shoe shops).

Later in the day she furthered my knowledge of Dutch culture by sitting in the main square for drinks. As we sat and sipped our iced coffees I learned to say in Dutch:

1. What is this girl THINKING wearing THAT in combination with THAT!!?!!

2. No you can't sit with us! How old are you? Don't you have homework or something?

3. Excuse me sirs, can you please stop yelling, you're sitting next to each other.


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