>> Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yo, someone is clearly playing with my mind! What would YOU think if you arrived at your new home in a new country and saw your old car parked RIGHT IN FRONT!???? (A car that you SOLD!)
Yep, every morning as I come outside I see it... I have to spy up who the owner of the car is. Maybe it's like ME, but DUTCH???? Whohw dude, that would be like... soooo weird!!
Ok, and now on a serious note. I'm proud to announce that I got a JOB! YEY! Ok, calm down, it's not paid since obviously I'm my work papers are still in progress, but a volunteer position at a non profit organization. The great thing is that I get to be their marketing/PR chick! And it's part time so I'll still get to enjoy the summer and etc! (That is, unless I get another project somewhere...)
The office is in the center of Amsterdam on a canal street with big windows overlooking the canal...


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