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>> Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I was going to post something else, but we have BREAKING news here! Today is the birthday of our beloved Staten Island Ferry! 100 years! Sure I complain about the commute and the coffee all the time, but the reality is that the ferry puts me in a good mood. Something about watching the waves calms you down (medical fact) and just in general boat rides are fun!

So this morning there were these ladies dressed in last century outfits (and I don't mean the 1990's, like the beginning of last century) and they were giving out the wonderful commemorative post cards that I have graciously scanned in for your benefit, please see above.

I almost charged right by them, as I usually do by anyone who tries to give me a pamphlet, which many politicians and their staff do. "Come on! Do you NOT see me juggling my book, my umbrella, my steaming hot coffee!??! Do I look like I have six hands!? More importantly- do I look LIKE I CARE???" Ok, today however, I doubled back and sweetly told the lady to kindly stick the postcard under my free armpit. "Thank you, you have a good morning!"

Glad I did, because it was pretty amusing. The little history lesson about the very first ferry ride, on inside the postcard was a nice little read.

Here it is if anyone has a magnifying glass and would like to zoom in.

It basically describes the "first voyage" and how one of the boats was called "old lady", don't know why since it was the FIRST voyage. Apparently ferry fits 2000 people, that's nuts! What's funny is that the back then mayor promised "to break down the barriers of Nature" to unite New Yorkers bla bla. And then he went on to congratulate the people on being part of the "greatest city in the world" bla bla, crowd applauds for 2 minutes. That's a LONG time.

Anyway, cute, I enjoyed it. I saw people also setting up stuff in the terminal... maybe they'll give out free food for the trip back! I'd go for a sweet little marzipan replica of the orange ferryboat...


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