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>> Monday, October 31, 2005

This Saturday Dulce and I drove out to Pennsylvania again for a lovely and civilized "ride in the country" like proper young ladies ought to do. The weather was gorgeous and the trees were having their peak color. Good boys!

We picked a nice little mountain to climb which turned out to be called Flagstaff Mountain on top of which there is Flagstaff banquet hall (logical). Took nice pictures from the top:

We had lunch on the bottom of the "Mountain" in a little town called Jim Thorpe. My beer was flat, it was annoying. We walked around a bit, the town was pretty sad. There were a bunch of senior citizens and many young couples on their "sex weekends" I wonder what were they even doing outside of their hotel rooms...? Anyway, Dulce and I had a great time discussing everyone, their choices fo make-up, boyfriends, and clothes. (Not many approvals were granted by the way.)

I must mention something that was HORRIBLE! I really hope people would google it and read my bad review. Cyber Cafe, is the WORST PLACE I have EVER been in my ENTIRE life!!! Places like that remind me that competition in the business world sure is a GOOD thing. First of all, my latte was COLD. After asking the lady to reheat it for me, she disappeared with it for about half hour only to come back with a slightly warmer version. It took FOREVER to order, FOREVER to get our pumpkin cake. Which by the way was STILL FROZEN so much so that the ICE was CRUNCHING in the mouth!!! I don't know why we didn't just walk out... maybe because we couldn't even believe such horror was happening! The lady had 2 customers!!! Us and these other people and she kept running up and down the room looking all flustered. The whole experience was just so horrible that I had to write about it in hopes or saving another human being from undergoing the same torture. DON'T GO THERE!!!

Ufff... ok, I feel better now.

Dulce and I were talking about what we would do if we HAD to live in Jim Thorpe. Well, she would have worked in the famous Asa Packer mansion (who was a rail road tycoon, and now the mansion is a B&B.) For some reason I said I would have worked in an insurance office... don't know why... I did claim as my boyfriend the guy that gives rafting lessons on the Leigh river! Dulce agreed that he would have been a good choice... I think she was even a bit jealous that I thought to pick him. We almost got into a fist fight over him!! (haha just kidding)

I don't know is it just me that always wonders who and what I would be like if I lived in a different town...? I am always thinking what it would be like to live say... in Guyana! on a very small island... or .... you name it! (That's what I wonder when I read all of your blogs!) Plus, I just can't stop being fascinated why "the grass always seems to be greener"? Why is it like that? I'd love to hear what country(island) would you love to see yourself live in and why?? (Of course amazingly I know that some of you have already asked yourselves this question and made the move!!)

And just to leave you with something inspirational... here are more pictures of PUMPKINS!! Come-on! What's an autumn day without some friendly pumpkins!?


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