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>> Friday, October 28, 2005

The ever so sexy Mr. Highcontrast was in town yesterday, which is always a great treat! Jazz and I met up with him at a Pipa's. It's this super cozy tapas restaurant.

The food was great, and the portions were perfect to share!

We had:

1. GAMBAS AL AJILLO - shrimp with garlic, olive oil, paprika and chiles

2. SAUTEED BABY CHORIZO - with sherry, olive oil and chiles

3. PULPO GALLEGO - octopus sautéed with calamata olives,
roasted potatoes, and smoked paprika

4. PIQUILLOS - sweet peppers stuffed with crabmeat and shrimp

5. Little "Buffalos" -I forgot what they were called... but they're on the picture above!

6. A Huge mound of various olives!!! - I LOVE olives (with pitts of course)

and for dessert...

COCONUT TREMBLEQUE - coconut custard with passion fruit gelatin, tapioca sauce and mint oil

(The dessert was very delicate, but I was not crazy for the tapioca sauce.)

Funny thing was that this turned out to be a CATALAN restaurant!!! (And we remember how I used to have "issues" withCataloniaa.) I loved the place though, I'll definitely be back.

Besides the food the atmosphere was nice and cozy big dark woo tables and benches with red pillows. The place was really busy with the afterwork crowd, and of course a large percentage of that crowd were girls in their early twenties in their first jobs, happy to be in doing the "manhattan living" constantly looking around with their huge eyes and flopping eyelashes, for a guy to take back to their tini-tiny room and make some dents in the limp footon mattresss.

That's manhattan for you! The girls are nuts because there is a clear shortage of men. According to City-Data: male population is 3,794,204 (47.4%), female is 4,214,074 (52.6%). I gotta move to Kodiac ALASKA!!! Males: 3,379 (53.3%), Females: 2,955 (46.7%). Another curious fact: average commute to work- 9.8 minutes!!!!


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