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>> Saturday, October 1, 2005

Ahh, summertime... morning coffee on the veranda. How nostalgic...!
Yes summer is over. It may still be sunny and bright once in a while, but that sun will not warm yer old bones, har har. I mean, look at that picture, you can just feel the warmth, breathe in the life... By the way, my coffee is now part of the Experiment! Its a collection of coffee cups, sips, beans and kissed rims from all over the world. Whoever notices my coffee cup first gets a HUGE prize!

Anyway, lets concentrate on the good things about Fall, like pumpkins!? We are after all in October already. Uuuuhhh, you know what's good...Pumpkin Ravioli!!! Sooo delicious!! The linked recipe is rather involving, but I think if you're going to have pumpkin ravioli you should do it from scratch. It doesn't take that long anyway, especially if you're having a nice chilled white wine while you're cooking.

Gotta go kiss a cup rim now... Have you kissed a rim today??

PS: I'm going to an important meeting in Connecticut. It has to do with the "new adventure" I'm looking for, so I hope it goes well. Plus, I'm hoping to also catch some changing fall colors!


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