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>> Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm so crazy.

Ok, I'm going to tell you a secret and you can't tell anyone. (Right- because immediately after reading this you will call all your friends and tell them.)

My company works on certain projects in conjunction with this design and engineering firm in Germany. We basically bring the concept and they draw the blue print and create it. I personally have been working with one of the engineers, Nicholas, for a few months now. We exchange a few emails daily and have spoken on the phone a few times. I think I've developed a bit of a crush on him. Plus he sounds really cute when we have conference calls, but of course that could be very misleading.

We do have some very important things in common, like the love for travel, chezch beer, and scuba diving.

I don't know what it is that makes me be so attracted to guys that are FAR away, the farther away the better apparently... Also he is very technical and serious, which I'm not, but I LOVE! His english is pretty good, but I overlook this imperfection. So you see kids, when I say I'm "in love" it doesn't really mean much. Actually I think saying "I love" you in a foreign language means more?

Whatever, I think I'm crazy... He is in Germany, there isn't any chance really for us to be at a meeting together or anything... But STILL I can't help to wonder... I just have this "sempreprimavera" feeling that all will work out perfectly... whatever that means.

I told you, I'm crazy.

P.S: and remember...I still need a date for a wedding in Germany... Ale thinks of everything, who said I wasn't technical! haha


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