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>> Thursday, October 27, 2005

Can two people from two different cultures really communicate?

Ok, how about this question:

What do you consider a "different" culture??

I don't like to ponder upon things. As you are aware, I'm pro-action, where "thinking" is NOT an action. So we are going to take a look at a practical situation.

Nicholas...Oh Nicholas, is giving me some reason to think that he is trying to STEREOTYPE me!!!! ME! You CAN'T stereotype ME! I pride myself on learning about different cultures and having friends all over the globe. Sure its fun to say things like: oh, Latin people are always late, Italian boys are attached to their mamma's, Scandinavians are ALL blonde, Barcelonians are... well, never mind, and Americans are all geography challenged.

"Geography challenged" is the one I'd like to address. Today he tried to explain to me that MUNICH was towards the south of Germany in a region called Bavaria... "Noooo REALLY!?... But wait... where is Germany again? Near Mexico??" AND he said that he was giving me credit by assuming that my knowledge of Europe was better than the average American who would not even know that Munich was a city in Germany. Come on dude, here in America we all know Munich... that's where you drink those HUGE beers, how can we not know!?! Right?!! So yes, I would have much rather preferred the stereotype of the "beer drinking Americans" than those that do now know their basic geography. (And I did mention to him that I like to travel a lot.)

This is just one example, there are other. At first I guess I was annoyed, but than, I began playing into it ... like I asked him if Zurich was also near Munich... and by his answer I realized that he was actually serious, (because he graciously explained that Zurich was in fact a "bit" east of Munich... than he suggested the distance in kilometers, of course including the equivalent in Miles for my benefit). Little does he know is that I'm not "totally"American and even though I've been living here a looooong time, I still think in meter, letters and centimeters.

Yes, I love to act blonde-like, but that's all in good fun. So basically, with Nicholas I now take every little chance I get to feed his "American" stereotype of me. He is now effectively convinced that I'm "blondly" dumb, would be completely lost if dropped of somewhere in the middle for Europe... and, please, go ahead add on all the other stereotypes Europeans come up with to describe Americans. (I know them all very well, because I MADE UP half of them myself!) Its always strange to be on the OTHER side.

This seemingly negative picture that he has of me, has NOT however prevented Nicholas to put forth an invitation for me to come out to Germany and that he would like to show me the "real and fun" Germany. (That cat!) I think here probably lies the real question. What CULTURE do men belong to??? Because judging by the way they ALL behave, they seem to all come form the SAME nation. Or planet? I know he is making fun of my supposed "handicaps" yet the invitation to show me around has still been put forward... (This phenomenon of men liking dumb women is just surprising every time.)

I realize for now it is just a "matter of speaking" invitation, but in case you are wondering I, as a "matter of speaking" I'm not terribly opposed to the idea of a fly by in Germany...

So you tell me; the question above asks: can two people from different cultures really communicate? Furthermore do men and women in general belong to the same "culture"??

PS: Above I chose a picture of the great BB, Bridgette Bardot, who perfectly embodied the "girl-woman" way of being that is apparently what all men have been going crazy over since the beginning of time...


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