What do Nyack and tuna stake have in common?

>> Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It rained ALL weekend, which was ok, but I didn't do anything constructive... so lets talk about last Sunday.

Last Sunday morning I decided to drive North from NYC along the Hudson River and check out some sights.

Anyway, I keep trying to leave NYC, but somehow I just keep on staying and staying, so I guess I'll have to arrange (temporarily) for some sort of semi-permanent residence. So, since Beach season is definitely over, I'll be going to check out various neighborhoods to see where it could be good to insert myself.

This Sunday I went to Nyack, NY. It is SO GORGEOUS there. I'll have to go back and take more pictures. The one above was taken from a private pier of this new condo complex that is being built. Than I went into town to browse some boutiques and it was such a lovely day that I broke down and went into Starbucks for their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Late. ($4.46!!!!!)

Bottom line I would LOVE to live there, but see, the median salary for the town is about $250K, not to mention the median age is 48. Perhaps not really for me.

To console myself, I came home and made a yellow fin tuna stake, seared in sesame oil, with spinach! I've never made this dish before but I love ordering it when out.

Of course I commemorated the moment via photographic medium!

It turned out great, and the sauce was good too. Just one mistake on my part. It wasn't rare enough. I left it on the pan for an extra minute (while getting the plates and stuff) and it sorta cooked further. I will provide the recipe next time I cook it, with sesame seeds, ginger and the whole shabang.

Lesson kids: eat your spinach!! It complements the yellow fin sesame oil seared tuna stake perfectly. Al bacio!

PS: enjoy and relax, because tomorrow we will be doing 2006 SP's Social Calendar planning and plus, I have major "issues" to discuss...


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