The invisible enemy strikes yet again!

>> Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The weather is HEINOUS! And according to Katie or Molly or whoever that vulgar blond on channel 11 is, it will rain for the next 6 days!!! I mean, she dresses in tight little shirts and wears WAY too much make-up for a 6AM program, and than she dares to say (RATHER CHEERFULLY) that it will be raining as far as the predicting equipment will see!?!? She gave me morning sickness today! Bleeeh!

Translating this bad news into meaningful tangible information: My memorial day weekend plans to go to Fire Island are RUINED!!!!!!

(If this isn't the perfect exhibition by the invisible enemy than I don't' know what it!)
Maybe just to spite it I will go to Long Island anyway, to go wine tasting. And when they pour you a little glass of pino griggio I can just grab the bottle and start elegantly gulping it down! I WILL NOT be HELD DOWN on the only time slot allocated to "real life", known as the WEEKEND, for ANYTHING. Don't anger the Primavera, or you'll have a real storm- dammit!

You see what's happening! This blog is supposed to be an exercise of looking at the world in a POSITIVE way no matter what and here I am making threats of violence and aggression supported by foul language! Well, I guess, it is in a way positive-- anger is good and can be VERY constructive if channeled correctly!

Ok, I'm going to go and have a GOOD frikin' DAY now!!!

baciiiiiiii (don't worry about me being angry... it's good for your skin as it makes blood circulate faster and rid itself of toxins.)

ciaooo belli!


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