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>> Friday, May 27, 2005

Ok, this is just another proof that all weather people are IDIOTS!

Look at this beautiful sunshine!!!

Who was it that predicted rain for the next 7 days!?!???


I guess people were so appalled by Cookie's or Sandy's (whatever her name is) performance on Channel 11, that they must have called in to complain about her horrible forecast. Because- Yesterday she showed up (in her skimpy shirt) and said that it will be "Cloudy... with chance of rain.." Right. I looked up in the sky and TRIED really hard to find ONE cloud at least and I did NOT! There-- you stupid Kiki, or Bibi, you and yours were WRONG!

During my sophomore year in college in this science class we were given a task to create a weather forecast based on certain characteristics of the wind, barometer etc.. etc...
Among the 6 or 7 different groups in our class, we all came up with COMPLETELY different forecasts based on the identical set of givens!

My lab partner was this GORGEOUS guy from Athens. His name was Zac (I will not attempt to spell the name fully.) He was SO HOT! I mean SO HOT that no matter what the weather givens were, it was always Florida temps for me in that class!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!

OK, sorry got side tracked...

So as I was saying... After listening to all the different predictions that all the groups in the glass gave and realizing that yes, we can all very well be RIGHT... it was completely ridiculous for the professor to chose one group (not ours) and say: "Very good, you get an "A" you are the only ones that are correct." WHAT!!?!?? Lunacy!!!

Lesson learned kids: You can't predict the weather, at least not so far in advance!!! who do you think you are?? GOD???

So from now on I will make MY OWN weather forecasts: I mean I have all the requisites of a good weather person... I wear skimpy shirts! I can wear lots of make up in the morning I guess... I can laugh and giggle on demand and for no apparent reason!!! I'm in!

So here goes:

For this Memorial Day Weekend I predict... (slightly looking up at the sky while twisting my blond hair with my finger) ...I predict! SUNSHINE!! zero HUMIDITY, 80F, and a kiss from a HOT Greek guy!!! (bow and flip the blond hair)

And with this, I wish you all (especially me) a wonderful 3 day weekend!!! May you all go to the beach, get naked, get a tan and be happy!


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