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>> Tuesday, May 3, 2005

REAL kisses!

I don't know maybe because it's spring, or maybe its been raining again... but I'm feeling like its definitely time for some good old fashioned Spring Love! You know, kisses in public, holding hands and all those other things that are completely nauseating. Just like chocolate. Well, at least for me. I hate chocolate. I don't HATE it really, its just I want to throw up after eating it... or at least wash it down with at least a gallon of water. That's just how it is.

Still it didn't stop me from visiting the Perugina factory in Perugia when I was living in Italy. Oh what a fun filled day!! My friends and I go stuck on a tour with the little italian bambini that were very rambunctious, AND we had to wear these cloth robes and hats, it was embarrassing. Upon exiting of course we were showered with kisses (chocolate kisses that is) and I gave my portion to my friends. (Ha ha, can you believe it, I did not eat a single candy during my full day in the land of chocolate.) Anyway, I do however love the aroma of chocolate, so I guess I still had my fix.

Today, children, I ate about 6 Baci chocolates!!! Yes, there is definitely something wrong. I think I'm experiencing love deficiency!!! I need to go into a rehab immediately!!!! (Ouh, I wonder what a love rehab would be like...? hmmm) So after overdosing on kisses (once again, that would be CHOCOLATE kisses) I decided to go to Starbucks and get me a nice Chantico. BUT after about 5 minutes of feeling **niiiice** it was back to chocolate craving... Ahhh....

Primavera needs to make things happen here!! I'm willing to do a little dance if necessary! PLEASE, I'm willing to EVEN fall in love and hold hands just so I STOP EATING CHOCOLATE!!! Grosss!


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